RIASA Women's Soccer Programme.

Join RIASA and compete for 9 months in the UK.

Play & Earn The World's Only Dual Accredited US/UK Degree.

A New Women's Soccer Programme, Built on RIASA'S 12 Year Success

RIASA was the first soccer programme to arrive in the UK offering student-athletes the chance of playing high intensity soccer whilst studying for a top-class degree. We’re renowned for developing players and have been the leading men’s soccer academy in the UK for over 12 years, offering Undergraduate & Postgraduate soccer programmes. Building on the success of the Men’s programme, RIASA is excited to offer a female soccer programme with the same opportunities and with even more potential to grow on the pitch. 

Play & train for 9 months  

US soccer programmes typically run for just 3 months, whereas we offer 9 months of intense training, coaching & competitive matches.

A programme that works for you

Our soccer programme combined with the degree enables you to thrive and is specifically designed to  ensure your success.

Opportunities that matter

We organise showcase games and play in events across Europe to offer you opportunities like no other academy.

RIASA is the World's Only Women's Soccer Programme Offering a Dual Accredited US/UK Degree.

RIASA is the World's Only Soccer Programme Offering a Dual Accredited UK/USA Degree.

Why Choose RIASA?

We’re passionate about helping our student-athletes succeed in life. By committing to the RIASA Women’s Soccer programme you will be investing in your future. It’s not just a degree or the place you develop your soccer, it’s an experience that will shape your life.

We've named the top 10 reasons why RIASA should be on your college soccer list.

Earn 2 University degrees in 1

Earn an International Sports Management degree, dual-accredited in both the United States & the United Kingdom. 

Professional environment

Experience a professional-standard UK soccer academy with highly experienced UEFA A & B licensed coaches. 

Develop yourself culturally

Live in the home of soccer and develop yourself culturally by travelling and playing across Europe.


The Original Soccer Programme.

RIASA was the first UK Soccer Programme offering a US college alternative for Men. We're building on the success of the last 12 years and offering these opportunities to female student-athletes who are chasing their dreams of breaking into the sporting industry.

How is RIASA Different

We know there are a variety of soccer academies offering programmes similar to RIASA, however,  our programme offers female student-athletes a more intense and rewarding experience. 

Objective led training

Get the most out of every session on the field. Our coaches develop & execute planned sessions that help deliver results.

A community campus*

Live, study, compete and learn at RIASA’s well located campus. It’s the perfect environment in which to focus on your success.

Soccer, soccer & soccer

Get to grips with an intense schedule of matches, training sessions, fitness & gym sessions as you look to develop your game. 

we are leeds

Leeds. Our Home. Your Home*. 

Leeds is one of the most diverse and exciting cities within the north of England. It’s vibrant, exciting and multicultural, offering a range of attractions, bars, restaurants and events across the city which makes it the perfect choice for students.

 Unrivalled Facilities 

The RIASA  female soccer programme has access to a mixture of 3G, 4G & grass pitches that are FIFA standard.  You'll also compete at different venues and play in stadiums over the 9-month season, gaining valuable playing experiences across different playing surfaces.

Pro standard pitches

We train and compete on professional playing surfaces that are IRB regulation 22 approved, FIFA quality and World 22. 

It's more than just a soccer academy

Our programme isn’t just on the pitch, you'll have access to a state-of-the-art gym that is leading the way in sports performance. 

Experience the beautiful game

You'll play in stadiums, at training grounds and experience other pro soccer academies across the UK as you look to grow your game. 

headingley campus*

A Historic College Campus.

The  RIASA Women's  football programme runs from Leeds Beckett Headingley Campus. Headingley, a north east suburb of Leeds, offers students a culturally diverse experience.

*The location for RIASA may change from September 2023. In order to provide our students with the best possible state-of-the-art studying and football experience, we are seeking alternative location options, ideally in the same area as the current RIASA location in Leeds.  We will provide an update on the location as soon as possible.

Opportunities to Make It Pro in Europe 

Our female soccer academy has strong relationships with professional clubs across Europe. We monitor the progress of every student-athlete to see how you're developing on the pitch. By showing ability, passion and commitment, and with our coaches help, you may be on your way to a pro trial. 

The pinnacle of soccer 

Europe is the hotspot for soccer, it has the wealthiest clubs and opportunities like no other. Making it pro in Europe could completely change your life. 

Connections that help

We are constantly developing unique opportunities for our student-athletes, this includes arranging showcase games & pro trails if we believe you can make it. 

We believe in you

It's not easy making it pro. You need ability, you need talent and you need to work hard. If you master these, with our help, you'll have a great chance.

Qualified & experienced

At The Top Of Their Game.

The RIASA coaches are experienced and passionate about player development. All of our team members are highly qualified and have experienced the game at all levels. 

Supercharge Your Soccer at RIASA International Female Academy

It’s time to join an International Female Academy designed to develop your soccer skills. It’s more than just a training session, it’s more than just a soccer match, everything we do at RIASA is planned to help you reach your maximum potential.

Qualified coaches 

The RIASA coaching staff have vast playing & coaching experience. All of our coaching team are at the top of their game.

Showcase events

We put you in high pressure games so you can experience what it feels like to compete at the highest level. 


RIASA Female Soccer Academy:

It's a Life-Changing experience. 

RIASA offers a culturally diverse experience where you'll meet students from different backgrounds. You'll grow your soccer knowledge and develop your game in more than one way! 

The Location of RIASA Women's Soccer Academy*

By joining RIASA Female Soccer Academy in Leeds you will be emerging yourself into a world of football. There are amazing opportunities for you to experience the English game at all levels. You can go to watch local games, play against other professional academies in the area and advance your footballing knowledge by placing yourself amongst other football obsessed students.

*The location for RIASA may change from September 2023. In order to provide our students with the best possible state-of-the-art studying and football experience, we are seeking alternative location options, ideally in the same area as the current RIASA location in Leeds.  We will provide an update on the location as soon as possible.

We’re based in Leeds*

Leeds is vibrant & youthful. Over 200,000 students live and study here each year. It's the perfect place for our academy and your college experience.

A campus with everything*

You'll love the 100 acre parkland where RIASA trains and competes. You'll also live and study here. It’s a stunning campus that's steeped in history.

Women's football is on the rise

Female football in the UK is rapidly growing. Since the Women's Super League went pro in 2018 more and more females are embracing the opportunities on offer. 

breathtaking memories

Playing Under The Lights . Feel the Emotion & Passion.

When you join RIASA one thing is for sure, you’ll love playing under the lights. Each game will mean something to you as you work hard in training to claim your spot. 

Accommodation For RIASA Student-athletes*

Moving to the UK, thousands of miles away from home can be daunting. It's worth knowing that when you choose to join our female football academy, you will be staying in comfortable and secure accommodation which is located on campus.

*The location for RIASA may change from September 2023. In order to provide our students with the best possible state-of-the-art studying and football experience, we are seeking alternative location options, ideally in the same area as the current RIASA location in Leeds.  We will provide an update on the location as soon as possible.

RIASA student accommodation

RIASA students live together in Standard Plus Townhouses which are located close to classrooms, 3G pitches & campus amenities.

Comfortable and modern

The Townhouses are stylish and comfortable, offering ease of living. They come fully furnished with a large shared kitchen area. 


Reach Your Maximum Potential At RIASA. Play a 9-month Season In The UK.

We promise you'll leave our academy with more knowledge and understanding of the game. You’ll see your progression soar on the pitch as you develop athletically. 

Earn A Dual Accredited US/UK Degree In International Sports Management

Combine your passion for soccer with a BA in International Sports Management which will give you a head start on and off the pitch for a career in the sports and leisure industries.

Richmond University 

We are partnered with the leading liberal arts university which awards students both a US and UK degree. We are the only soccer academy in the world offering this dual accreditation. 

One Programme, two degrees

Once graduated, you’ll be unbeatable. You’ll have studied one programme and gained two degrees, which will open the door to more international opportunities.

It's your future 

Set yourself apart from a crowded market. Earning a recognisable degree can help you secure a job in the sporting industry. It’s up to you which direction you take.

Where Can BA International Sports Management Lead Me To After Graduating?

In a very competitive job market,  it’s never been more important to earn a highly recongnised dual accredited degree. There are hundreds of different directions in which you can take your career and the RIASA team will help you decide the best route for you.

Sports Management

Pro Soccer Player

Soccer Coaching 


Digital Marketing 

Event Management 

Sports Agent 

Personal Trainer

Soccer Analysis 

Sports Marketing 

Sport Sales 

Sports branding 

Its more than just soccer

Sports Science, Fitness Testing, Gym Sessions & On Pitch Training.

Our girls soccer academy offers more than just soccer. We utilise state-of-the-art sports science facilities to help you understand what’s needed to make it to the top.

Academic Entry Requirements to Join RIASA Women's Soccer Academy 

To be able to join RIASA International Female Soccer Academy, all student-athletes need the minimum academic requirements. We also require your soccer history, including a video highlight of you playing. 

International students

To be considered for our unique soccer programme, US students need to achieve a GPA score of 2.6 or higher. 

UK & EU students

UK & EU students are welcome to join our Women’s soccer academy too. You will need a minimum of 96 UCAS points or higher. 

Language requirements 

All students need to meet the language requirements (IELTS 5.5, TOEFL (IBT) 80+, Cambridge English score of no less than 168).


Explode your CV. Earn A Dual Accredited US/UK Degree. Stand Out In A Crowd.

Earn a dual accredited US/UK BA International Sports Management degree. It will take you places you never thought possible. You’ll be unbeatable after earning a highly recognisable degree within the sporting industry. 

What's Included at RIASA?

The RIASA Women’s Soccer Programme is designed to give you the best possible opportunity of reaching your maximum potential. We train four times per week, and compete against other pro academies in the UK & Europe as you embark on a 9-month long soccer season.

It's your time to shine

Join an International female soccer academy that puts your athletic development first. With exciting prospects and life-changing opportunities, RIASA is intense and rewarding.

  • UEFA A & Pro Licensed coaches
  • Play for 9 months of the season
  • Professional standard academy
  • Train at least four times per week
  • Objective led training structure
  • Learn the theory of the game
  • Full gym membership
  • Showcase games
  • Match analysis sessions
  • Live streaming & social media 
  • Play across Europe (tours & pro trials)
  • Culturally grow in new surroundings
More than just a soccer programme

It’s more than just soccer when you commit to RIASA. You'll be embarking on a journey of a life-time. You’ll grow culturally, play against UK soccer academies and live in a new city. 

power up your game

It's Time To Train Harder Than Before.

You make the most progress on the training pitch and that's why our objective led sessions help you grow your game. Our highly qualified coaches are committed to the programme and to each individual student-athlete. 

Fees & Funding Breakdown

If you want to take your soccer development seriously and earn a dual accredited US/UK degree, you can find a clear breakdown of the programme costs. Don’t forget that some students may be entitled to scholarships and there is a variety of funding available for UK and International students. 


Programme Cost

International Student

£28,000 p/a

UK Student

£24,250 p/a

Programme Cost Includes

The cost of your dual accredited US/UK degree

Academy admission which includes training & travel to all matches 

Full Nike RIASA Academy Kit & Full Nike RIASA match-day day kit

On campus student accommodation

Campus food card

RIASA scholarships 

UK students who choose to join the RIASA Undergraduate Programme are entitled to a £3,085 scholarship discount. Funding/academic loans are available to both UK & International students.

Funding options for International students


Direct Subsidised Loans: For independent and dependent undergraduate students – the interest is paid by the Federal Government while in school.

Direct Unsubsidised: For independent and dependent undergraduate students and graduate students – the interest accrues while in school.

Direct Parent PLUS: For parents of dependent undergraduates to cover up to the full cost of attendance minus any other aid – subject to the parent’s credit rating. The parent can ask to defer repayment during the beneficiary student’s in-school status and for an additional six months after the student’s graduation.

Direct Graduate PLUS: For independent graduate students to cover up to the full cost of attendance minus any other aid or funding – subject to the student’s credit rating and can be consolidated after graduation. Graduate PLUS loans begin repayment six months after graduation.

 GI Billing - US Veterans & Dependants of Veterans 

Richmond is registered with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA); therefore, if you are a veteran or veteran dependent student, you are qualified to apply for VA Benefits (The Post 9/11 GI Bill or DEA) to use toward your Richmond fees.

Richmond is dedicated to providing support to students who are veterans and dependants of veterans. As such, Richmond offers qualifying students the Yellow Ribbon Campaign Scholarship.

 Students can also use Sallie Mae Loans for funding. You can also self fund the programme.

We're in this together 

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*The location for RIASA may change from September 2023. In order to provide our students with the best possible state-of-the-art studying and football experience, we are seeking alternative location options, ideally in the same area as the current RIASA location in Leeds.  We will provide an update on the location as soon as possible.

RIASA International Female Academy. 

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  • Earn a US & a UK Degree
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