We Are Coming To London! 

Play big. Study big. Live Big. Dream big! 

RIASA is excited to announce that from September 2025, we will be expanding our UK college soccer offering by launching our first-ever London Roster. Aspiring student-athletes will have the choice of 29 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes - all US/UK dual accredited, alongside a challenging and rewarding soccer development programme.

 London soccer programe 

Are You Ready For London?

  • With a choice of 29 dual accredited US/UK programmes, you’ll have the choice to study what you’re passionate about!
  • You’ll be training and competing in the capital - something you can wake up and be excited about every single day.
  • Throw yourself into the London lifestyle. Enjoy a world of endless opportunities on and off the field. London is the ultimate tourist destination.
  • Push yourself on the pitch. Develop daily and see your progression soar under the guidance of RIASA’s UEFA coaching team.

We're recruiting for our 2025 roster...


You missed out!

RIASA is on the lookout for promising players who want to live, train, study and play in London. We are recruiting a minimum of 18 players for Fall 2025 when we will be launching our first roster in London. 

 Football degree in london

Train and Study In Chiswick, West London. 

Chiswick is a stunning leafy district with a welcoming village feel, located in the London Borough of Hounslow. Richmond American University London, the location of where your degree will be delivered, is embedded in this vibrant area of London offering students the perfect opportunity to embrace all that city living has to offer.

Pro Standard Facilities

We will train and compete on modern 4G pitches across London as you look to supercharge your soccer development. 

No Ordinary Way To Learn

The academic campus is located in a beautiful area of London, the plot boasts restaurants, coffee shops and a creative two-tier lake with waterfall. 

Explore London

Everything you have ever dreamed of is on your doorstep in London. Jump on the tube, explore the shops, parks, lakes, attractions and take in some football! 

The Football

If you're seeking a challenging and rewarding UK college soccer experience in London, then we’ve got you covered. RIASA has been providing student-athletes the opportunity to train and compete at a high level since 2010. Our Leeds campus, which is home to the ‘ultimate college soccer football experience’ has a proven track record when it comes to developing players on the pitch. 

Fast-forward to 2023, RIASA is now offering the unique opportunity for student-athletes to experience a high level of coaching for 9-months in London, whilst studying your choice of degree - giving you more flexibility on and off the pitch. 

By Joining RIASA London, you’ll be thrown into a passionate footballing environment, offering you the chance of training 4 times per week under the guidance of our UEFA licensed coaching team - the footballing philosophy and ethos remains the same as our Leeds campus, you’ll reach your maximum playing potential as you embark on earning a dual accredited US/UK degree.


Earn A Dual Accredited US/UK Degree.

Study your passion. Become outstanding in the classroom. Choose Richmond American University London for a rewarding university experience. With the choice of 29 different programmes, exceptional teaching standards and practical learning opportunities, Richmond American University London is the number one choice for international students.

Accounting to Psychology

With the choice of 21 undergraduate degrees and 8 postgraduate master programmes, you'll be able to study what you truly love, giving you more flexibility off the pitch.

The Liberal Arts

A liberal arts education empowers students to solve problems, adapt, and collaborate. It also prepares students to become the types of employees organisations want to hire.

Student Life In London

Chiswick Park offers students an ultra modern lifestyle with an abundance of on-site amenities ranging from a gym, coffee shops, restaurants and more. 

Programme Choice 

Are you ready to be empowered? Do you want to study your passion? It’s time to invest in your future. Choose from 29 undergraduate and postgraduate programmes encompassing Communications, Accounting & Finance, International Business, Economics, Psychology, Master of Business Administration, whatever your passion, we've got the degree waiting for you. 

Richmond American University London is no ordinary institution. Classes are taught in our state-of-the-art campus location in Chiswick Park. Our ground-breaking curriculum offers a holistic approach to teaching that focuses on developing your academic and personal skills to prepare you for the jobs of the future. The exceptionally high standards of teaching have been recognised by our students, with 95 per cent of those questioned in the 2023 National Student Survey saying they are supported well by our faculty.

The choice is yours

Recommended Undergraduate Programmes

With 21 undergraduate degree options and 8 postgraduate masters programmes to choose from, you'll have the freedom to choose what you want to study. We have hand-picked the most popular choices, but you can choose any from the full list. 

BSc Accounting & Finance

This BSc Accounting & Finance programme is your opportunity to gain a major step towards a globally recognised accounting qualification with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the global body for professional accountants.

BA Digital Marketing

Do you have the ideas and vision to spot market opportunities, predict the next big thing and develop digital marketing strategies which enable brands to capture both attention and market share? Then take the opportunity to study BA Digital Marketing at Richmond.

BA Finance & Investment

Enhance your career options with this programme which will provide you with the skills and knowledge to enter a range of industries, including banking, corporate finance, fund management, wealth management, international finance, and a host of other areas.

BSc Computer Science

This programme will provide you with a strong foundation in the critical areas of computer science, with core modules in such areas as programming, cyber security and artificial intelligence, while also giving you the opportunity to tailor the degree to your own strengths, interests and career aspirations.

BA Psychology

Learn about memory, language, creativity, personality, social interaction and brain processes and the reasons for psychological differences between people. Gain a thorough understanding of both the theory and practical application of psychology, as our programme prepares you for a professional career in psychology or any number of career opportunities.

BA Economics

This broad-ranging BA Economics degree offers formal and rigorous training in economic theory and offers many examples of their real-world applications, providing you with excellent career prospects and invaluable skills for life.


Recommended Postgraduate Programmes

Further your education by studying for a postgraduate master’s degree. If you're looking to study your speciality or deepen your understanding of the topic of interest you love, these programmes could be the perfect fit for you.

MA Art History & Visual Culture

This wide-ranging programme, which incorporates the study of a range of fine arts and contemporary visual forms and its relevance to global audiences, will enable you to explore your passion for the arts.

MA International Relations

Our MA in International Relations aims to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the forces which shape global politics, combining both theory and real life, with the opportunity to do an internship which puts International Relations into practice. The programme will enable you to tackle the big issues facing global decision-makers, from war to poverty, from security to the diplomatic practice, looking at the role of the global media in all of these topics.

MBA: Marketing

This MBA with a specialisation in marketing will equip you for a high-flying career. You will develop your strategic business skills, as well as your mastery of marketing, and gain one of the most respected degrees in the world.

College Soccer Programme London 

Reach Your Maximum Potential On The Pitch In London.

Supercharge your soccer development with RIASA London. Join our London soccer programme and reap the benefits of training 4 times per week and competing against local clubs, semi pro teams and professional academies across greater London and the surrounding area.

UEFA Coaches

Your soccer development programme will be delivered by UEFA licensed coaches who are passionate about player development. 

Train For 9-months 

You’ll receive support from highly qualified coaches as you look to develop your skills on the pitch. The soccer programme will be intense and rewarding.

The World of Football 

London is home to 17 professional football clubs, with a large number competing in the Premier League, all yours to enjoy.


The Pitch Is Waiting For You.

What's Included...

The programme fee will cover the cost of your choice of degree, it will also pay for your enrolment to our soccer academy. Find out what’s included below:

  • Your chosen degree - undergraduate or postgraduate. Choose from over 29 different topics of study varying from Media, Business and Film.
  • The soccer element of the programme which includes training and competitive games over the 9-month season
  • Highly qualified UEFA coaches who care about player progression
  • Train up to 4 times per week based on your schedule
  • Full RIASA training kit
  • Full RIASA match day playing kit
  • Social media coverage
  • Recorded matches and live-streaming with VEO
  • Transport to away games

What's Not Included...

You will need to cover the cost of your accommodation and food additionally on top of the programme fee. Here’s the list of what isn’t included:

  • Your accommodation is not included. You will need to arrange this separately. Richmond American University London has accommodation providers and can help with this, or alternatively you can choose where you want to live in the surrounding area.
  • There will be no food provision for this programme. You will need to budget for this on top of the programme fees. Chiswick Park has an array of eateries on campus and London is known for its diverse mix of international food choices.
  •  You will need to commute on your own to the training venue. This may be from your accommodation or from Richmond University London, depending on the scheduled times of training and competitive matches. London has superb public transport from the tube to buses and the option to Uber anywhere.

Programme Fees 

The programme fee will vary depending on if you choose to study at undergraduate level or postgraduate level, it will also be different if you are a UK student or EU/International student.

Undergraduate programme fees

UK – £24,250 / EU, INT & US – £28,650

Postgraduate programme fees

UK – £24,250 / EU, INT & US – £28,650

invest in your future

Funding Options 

There are different funding options available for International and UK students. We recommend using the most widely known funding providers, we also accept students who want to self-fund the programme fee. Generous scholarships are available from the University to help fund your academic tuition fees. Visit the Scholarships & Financial Assistance webpage for more information.


This is the most common type of funding that we see at RIASA, particularly for American students. You can use this type of funding to join RIASA London. 

GI Billing

Richmond is registered with the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA); therefore, if you are a veteran or veteran dependent student, you are qualified to apply for VA Benefits (The Post 9/11 GI Bill or DEA) to use toward your Richmond fees.

Student Finance england 

UK students who want to join the RIASA London Programme can use Student Finance England, which is the main provider for student funding in the UK.

It’s always good to understand how you plan to finance your studies and soccer from the start. During your application we can support you with guidance on funding.

it's time to grow 

Entry Requirements  

You will need to meet the following entry requirements to join our soccer academy programme in London. This includes your athletic assessment which can be done by attending RIASA ID camps or by video highlight upon application submission. There also may be more specific requirements depending on which programme you choose and if you're a UK, EU, US or International student. You can find all the specific entry requirements needed when searching your programme choice. We have listed a brief outline below of some of the entry requirements needed to join RIASA London.



Athletic assesment

Non-native english speakers will need the following also 

IELTS 5.5 with 5.5 in each Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing

TOEFL (IBT) 80+ overall with: Listening 17, Reading 18, Writing 17, Speaking 20

Overall Cambridge English Scale score of no less than 168 in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking

We encourage you to book a place on our next RIASA ID Camp in the US, or attend our next UK event so we can access your playing ability.

We will also accept your YouTube highlight video if you can’t wait for any of our upcoming ID camps.

How To Apply 

Follow these simple steps to apply to join the RIASA London Programme. Take the leap towards a more rewarding future with a dual accredited US/UK degree and be part of our first-ever London roster starting in September 2025.

  • Apply to RIASA - Hit the 'Apply Now' button to begin your journey to joining Richmond International Academic & Soccer Academy in London.
  • Connect With Us - You will receive an email from our recruitment team to confirm your application has been received.
  • RIASA ID Camp or YouTube Highlight video - We encourage you to book a place on our next RIASA ID Camp in the US, or attend our next UK event so we can assess your playing ability. We will also accept your YouTube highlight video if you can’t wait for any of our upcoming ID camps.
  •  Get Accepted by RIASA - After the coaching staff have seen your talent, work ethic and potential, you will receive confirmation that you have been accepted by the soccer side of the programme.
  • Apply to Academics - Once you have been accepted by RIASA, you will then need to apply to the University. We will provide you with everything you need to make sure your application goes through quickly.
  • It’s Time to Get Excited - Now that we have both applications, it’s time to start looking forward to joining our academy in London. If there are any issues along the way, we are here to help.

We've Answered The Most Common Questions 

When is this programme launching?

We are planning to launch RIASA London September 2025 with a minimum of 18 student-athletes. You can apply to be part of our first ever London roster.

What are the academic requirements to join?

These vary for some of our programmes, amend to, See the relevant programme page on the Richmond American University London website for details.

Is this for undergraduate and postgraduate students?

Yes, you can choose which degree you want to study ranging from postgraduate and undergraduate degrees options. 

Will the football be similar to the RIASA Leeds Programme?

We will be delivering a similar football programme, however it may differ from what students receive at our Leeds campus. The London programme will be delivered differently to Leeds. We will train across a mixture of days, of which is most suitable for our students based on their degree choice.

Where is this programme based in London?

The academic element will be delivered from the Richmond American University London campus, which is located at the Chiswick Park Campus, South West London. We are still arranging where the football facilities will be held. We hope that this will be as close to Chiswick Park Campus as possible. We will update our website with information in the following months to come.

What’s included for the programme fee?

The programme fee will cover the cost of your choice of degree, it will also pay for your enrolment to our soccer academy, your full training kit and match day kits are also included. We will provide transport to any away games.

What’s not included?

Your accommodation and food are not included. You will also need to commute on your own to the training venue. This may be from your accommodation or from Richmond University London, depending on the scheduled times of training and competitive matches. London has superb public transport from the tube to buses and the option to Uber anywhere.

How many students do you need for the first roster?

We are recruiting a minimum of 18 students for the launch of this programme in London. If we do not successfully recruit 20, the programme will not go ahead.

Is this for both male and female student-athletes?

The initial launch of RIASA London will only be available for male student-athletes. If we successfully launch and grow our presence in London, we will later open this to talented female student-athletes. 

Still got questions?

We’re here to help, and we want to guide you through your application. If you have any questions, or you want to know more about RIASA London, then please contact us for more information.


Ready to be part of RIASA London’s first ever roster? Applications are now open for your choice of degree, alongside a challenging and rewarding 9-month soccer development programme in the capital. London is waiting for you, apply to join today.

We're recruiting for our 2025 roster...


You missed out!

RIASA is on the lookout for promising players who want to live, train, study and play in London. We are recruiting a minimum of 18 players for Fall 2025 when we will be launching our first roster in London. 

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