Soccer ID Camps.

Showcase Your Ability At RIASA's College ID Camps.

What is a college soccer ID camp? How can this help me? Find everything you need to know as an aspiring soccer player.

What is a soccer ID camp?

ID soccer camps provide aspiring college players a snapshot of collegiate soccer in a competitive and challenging environment. It’s a fantastic opportunity for soccer players to experience what life could be like at the the soccer academy they are thinking of joining.

Why should I attend a college ID camp?

By attending any soccer college camp, you will be giving yourself the opportunity to experience the life of a college soccer student-athlete before committing to anything in full. RIASA offer a superb soccer programme, however, our style of play and intensity might not be for everyone. That's why we recommend attending our next football event.

RIASA soccer camps

RIASA regularly hosts soccer ID Camps across the United States to bring our academy offering to you. Come to one of our ID camps, learn about our unique soccer programme, meet the coaches and find out how RIASA can help kickstart your academic and soccer journey.

Find RIASA soccer events

Now you know the importance of attending a college ID camp, it’s time to think about booking onto our next event. We regularly plan our events in the US and the UK to give students enough time to register. Find our next ID camp below. 

75+ nationalities

We are International.

Join an international football programme. No matter where you’re from in the world, if you meet the academic requirements and you want to improve your soccer, you can apply to join our ever growing roster of diverse students. 

enjoy the journey

It’s Life Changing. 

By choosing our unique soccer programme you are investing in your future. You’ll mix with like minded individuals who share the same determination to achieve success. 

a place to grow

We Develop You. 

It’s intense at our football academy. Nothing worth having in life is easy and, with this in mind, each training session is fuelled with the intention of helping you to progress.

stay focused

It’s Down to You.

We put you in positions to thrive. Every game, every training session and being surrounded by other talented soccer athletes  helps you to grow. Commitment and passion are vital in helping you succeed on your RIASA journey. 


We Are Unique. 

There isn't another soccer academy that can offer the challenging football programme and high quality teaching that is available at RIASA. Earn a top class degree and enjoy moments that last a lifetime as you venture for success at our academy in Leeds.

Start Your Journey.

Embark on a rewarding and life changing soccer programme. 

  • Earn a dual accredited US/UK Degree
  • Play a 9-Month Soccer Season
  • Reach Your Potential in the UK