Degree Overview.

Earn A Dual Accredited US/UK Degree.

Our dual accredited US/UK degree pathway has been specifically created for aspiring student-athletes who want to break into the sporting industry.

BA International Sports Management

Combine your passion for soccer with a BA in International Sports Management which will give you a head start on and off the pitch for a career in the sports and leisure industries.

At RIASA you’ll have the chance to play in a top quality soccer academy with professional coaching and playing opportunities. You’ll be taken through a rigorous soccer training and playing schedule, with coaching focusing not only on your technique, speed and tactics on the field but also on your nutrition and health.

Alongside the practical side of the programme, you will examine the theory and practice surrounding the management and the business of sports in various parts of the world, and gain the vital business skills required for a successful career in sports management.

You’ll begin the programme with a combination of modules on business and sport, together with topics such as Creative Writing and Scientific Reasoning, to provide a broadened outlook.  

The second year has a financial focus on Accounting, Calculus, Probability and Statistics, together with a look at other subjects such as Sports Psychology. The third and fourth years see a blend of diverse subjects, including Marketing, Nutrition, Legal and Ethical Concepts in Management, Sports Events Planning and Promotion and Sports Journalism.

Along with a wide-ranging choice of electives in the final year, you’ll also have the option to do an integrated internship in Sports Management, extending your knowledge and expertise in a specialist area of your choice. As a RIASA Student-Athlete, you will have the opportunity to play against professional academy teams across Europe on our annual tour to countries such as Finland, Slovenia, Latvia, Sweden and more.

Richmond University

Richmond was one of the first universities to introduce the liberal arts to the UK, pioneering this multidisciplinary approach. This liberal arts programme will also give you great mobility, with the US credit system at Richmond helping students seamlessly transfer from one academic institution to another with the credits gained counting towards their degree.

 More detail about the degree

Find more detailed information about the degree, including the Programme Specification Document, Course Specification Documents and other useful information about the University.

Transferable credits

Richmond, The American University in London accepts transferable credits. This means there is more opportunity for you to study with us here in Leeds, or take your studying to the US.

Career Paths After Graduating 

Graduated RIASA students have gone on to play professional soccer, work for large sports corporations such as the United Soccer League and enjoyed careers outside of sports. Whatever your route, you’re building on the excellent work you have achieved during your undergraduate experience. Here are a few examples of career options once graduated:

Pro Soccer Player


Sports Managment

Sports Promotion

Sports Marketing

Personal Trainer

Event Manager

Sports Agent

Event Coordinator

Marketing Consultant

International Opportunities 

Once graduated, you’ll be unbeatable. You’ll have studied one programme and gained two degrees, achieving a BA in International Sports Management from both the UK and US. Combined with your footballing experiences, FA Level 1 coaching badge and academic achievements, you're placing yourself in a strong position whatever career choice you make next.

Hear From Previous Students 

Been there. Done that. Watch the below interviews from previous student-athletes that joined RIASA and stayed on our programme for the full 4 years. This will give you authentic insight into how RIASA can help you achieve your dreams. 

Be unbeatable at RIASA

The RIASA programme gives you all the tools needed to succeed on and off the pitch. Our intense and rewarding 9-month season in the UK sets you up for a career in football, whether that be playing, coaching or working in a backroom staff role for a club - the possibilities are endless.

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On average, we train 4 times per week for a minimum of two hours. That's over 150+ training sessions per season.

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Compete in leagues, play friendlies & break into our showcase squad. Play between 20-30 games per season.

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9-months of soccer development is roughly 250 days. You'll have the time needed to develop and grow on the pitch.

Earn your coaching badges 

Start with your FA Level 1 and work towards your UEFA C qualification. Our degree gives you the time needed to earn those highly desirable coaching badges.

Learn the theory of the game

We offer an all-rounded college soccer experience from playing, training to team analysis sessions, which will provide you with more insight into the modern game.

Develop athletically & technically 

We pack our 9-month season with intense training sessions, the latest fitness testing and hours of technical work on the pitch. Watch your progress soar.


10 Reasons Why RIASA Should Be On Your College Soccer List.

Choosing where you’re going to spend 4 years of your life can be daunting, we know it’s a scary thought trying to understand which college soccer programme is best for you, that’s why we wanted to share with you the main benefits of joining RIASA.

Start Your UK College Soccer Journey.

Earn a dual accredited US/UK degree which will help you break into today's modern sporting industry. Train and compete for  9-months of the year in world-class sporting facilities. Your time is now!

  • Earn a US & UK Degree
  • Play a 9-Month Soccer Season
  • Reach Your Potential in the UK