What is a soccer id camp? What will I take away from attending a college soccer camp?

What is a soccer id camp? What will I take away from attending a college soccer camp? How can any soccer id clinic benefit me as a player? Do I really need to pay to attend a soccer ID camp? Should I attend a college soccer ID camp?

We’re going to be answering all of these important questions and give you the low down on why you should be thinking of attending the next available soccer camp at your favourite university or soccer programme.

What is a soccer ID camp?

ID soccer camps provide aspiring college players a snapshot of collegiate soccer in a competitive and challenging environment. It’s a fantastic opportunity for soccer players to experience what life could be like at the soccer academy they are thinking of joining.

Most soccer academies or collegiate programmes run ID camps to assess the playing ability of incoming players. As Much as you want to play for that particular team or soccer programme, they need to make sure you fit into their playing philosophy.

Remember that the soccer programme or university football team may be in search of a particular position or a few individual players who have the type of energy needed to fit into the team.

We see ID camps in a different light. Any soccer event that is geared towards testing your playing ability and mentality should be a tool for you.

At RIASA we regularly run soccer ID camps in the US to showcase what we can offer you as the student-athlete looking to embark on your soccer journey – we do assess players individually but if you have good ability and meet the academic requirements then you are welcome to join our Undergraduate or Postgraduate soccer programme here in Leeds, UK.

What will I take away from attending a college soccer camp?

Whichever soccer ID camp you attend, you will be embarking on the start of your future. It sounds cliché, however if you’ve done your research, and you have an idea of which collegiate soccer programme you want to attend, then the ID camp should make you feel excited and ready to tackle anything that comes your way.

Not all soccer ID camps are the same, and you may take away different aspects from each, take for instance a huge Future 500 ID camp compared to what we offer in the US. These are both ID camps, but you’re going to take completely different aspects away from each one.

The future 500 ID camp is going to be full of different coaches from universities, soccer teams and so on, but there could be over 200+ student athletes competing to be seen whereas RIASA camps are smaller and offer you a closer look at the coaches and how we can help you grow on the pitch. Everyone chooses what they prefer, but the choice has to be right for you.

By attending any decent soccer camp you should be taking away the experience of the day from travelling, seeing the campus, to meeting the coaches and playing actual soccer in a competitive setting (because let’s face it, soccer is the main priority here).

Here are the main aspects that you can take away from attending any soccer id camp in the US:

  1. You will meet the coaches and see the playing style of the programme 
  2. By travelling you may get to see the campus and all the facilities
  3. You will learn about the degree or academic side of the programme
  4. You will see how the soccer programme can help you achieve your goals
  5. The experience of the day will stay with you forever

Any well set-up soccer ID camp will allow Individuals to take away an array of positives and negatives which will help play a part in deciding which collegiate soccer programme you join.

How can any soccer id clinic benefit me as a player?

This question and answer is similar to the one above, however this answer has more focus on you as the player and how attending the next ID clinic can benefit your personal game.

Every pass is scrutinized, tackles are watched, and goal scorers are noted. The pressure is there when you walk out onto the pitch. If you can handle this occasion, you will take strides of confidence away from this experience.

Time on the pitch adds to your personal development, so you’re always developing aspects of your game whilst being coached at ID clinics. Basically, it’s not a waste of time attending and trying out for your chosen programme.

Pretty much from the word go, you will be able to identify if the soccer programme is right for you. What we mean is, some teams high press and some sit back, others play tight football and pass well – from the ID clinic you will see instantly the style of play and how the coaches want each player to play in position specific shapes (which may fit what you’re looking for or might be too demanding for your ability).

Do I really need to pay to attend a soccer ID camp?

The simple answer to this is YES. You have to think of the amount of preparation and time that goes into hosting any soccer ID camp. However, what we will say is that you need to be careful and not pay over the odds to attend any soccer clinic.

We did some research and prices varied across a mixture of different ID camps, you could be paying anywhere between $50 – $200 to attend some ID camps.  The larger the camp and the bigger the opportunities on offer, you will have to pay more. If you attend a smaller soccer ID camp, you will probably be paying less and closer to the $50 – $100 mark.

At RIASA our soccer ID camps cost $89.99 to attend. We always have coupons available which allow you to save 20-25% which is a little bonus. To book on to our next soccer ID camp and save 25% use code ‘ID CAMP’ when completing your registration.

Hopefully we’ve answered this question, we would just say be cautious of spending large amounts across different ID camps.

Should I attend a college soccer ID camp?

The last question and arguably the most important. We think it’s vitally important that you attend at least 1 ID camp, maybe 2, or 3 if you have different college options in mind.

You will be able to take so much away from the experience of the day, and from the word go you will grasp a deep understanding of how each programme can help you develop as a player.

Now that you’ve read all this, we want to let you know that RIASA is the world’s only soccer programme offering a dual accredited US/UK degree alongside a professional academy set-up based in Leeds, UK.

We regularly run our own ID soccer camps across the US. We fly out with our coaches and run assessment days, from this experience you will be able to see how we can help you break into the sporting world with a highly recognisable degree and top quality coaching for 9-months of the year.

To book on to our next soccer ID camp and save 25% use code ‘ID CAMP’ when completing your registration.