RIASA Postgraduate Soccer Programme.

Earn a Masters Degree in 1 year. Further your learning & soccer development.

Got unfinished business on the pitch? Study a Masters degree and take your soccer to a new level at RIASA soccer Academy, Leeds*.

Male & female places available - apply today.

RIASA Postgraduates Set Themselves Apart

Continue your athletic, academic & professional development on the RIASA Postgraduate programme.

Earn a top class Masters Degree*

Expand your academic development by earning a Masters Degree at Leeds Beckett University. Whichever masters route you choose to take, you will be unleashing your potential and allowing yourself to develop a deeper understanding of your chosen subject.

Choose from MA, MSC and MBA Masters in a variety of different subject areas that will help prepare you for the career journey ahead.

*The location for RIASA may change from September 2023. In order to provide our students with the best possible state-of-the-art studying and football experience, we are seeking alternative location options, ideally in the same area as the current RIASA location in Leeds.  We will provide an update on the location as soon as possible.

Professional environment

Make the most of your playing time. We have highly experienced UEFA A and Pro licensed coaches to help you grow. Further your soccer development athletically and tactically by spending 9 months training and playing for our academy in Leeds*.

Utilise our experienced coaches and work hard on mastering your game to reach your full potential.

Develop yourself culturally

Leeds is one of the most diverse and exciting cities within the north of England. It’s vibrant, exciting and multicultural, offering a diverse range of attractions, restaurants and events across the city.

Combined with our intense football programme, you are bound to grow as an individual, make friendships that last a lifetime and succeed when choosing RIASA as a postgraduate student.

jordan veillette

"You're Allowed to Have Academic Freedom by Choosing Your Major, but Still be a Part of The RIASA Programme."

Graduated Masters student Jordan Veillette shares his postgraduate experience.

Stand Out in a Crowd 

Boost your CV and excel in a major that you're passionate about. Gain experiences that will help you achieve success after graduating. 

Expand your CV

Put yourself head and shoulders above the rest as you embark on a 12 months Masters Degree whilst playing soccer for our academy.

In today's world, mastering your passion with a formal qualification will make your CV stand out as employers look to gain more value than ever before when hiring candidates. 

Grow on the field

Need additional time on the pitch? By studying a Masters at RIASA you will be allowing yourself to pursue unfinished business on the pitch.

Make the most of your time and grow athletically with guidance and encouragement from a team of coaches who believe in you. 


The Original Soccer Programme.

RIASA was the first programme to arrive in the UK offering student-athletes the chance of playing high intensity football whilst studying for a top-class degree.

What Degree can I study?

Choose a major that’s perfect for you. There's hundreds of choices across a wide variety of different subjects.

The choice is yours*

Studying a Masters Degree in Leeds has never been easier. You can choose from a large variety of subject areas including Sport and Exercise Science, Accounting and Finance, Music and Sound, Business Management and Performing Arts. 

Hundreds of options

Whatever your academic passion, or however you see your future, there will be a degree pathway which can help you achieve greatness. Leeds beckett has a variety of excellent research led Master Degrees*.

The question is which one will you choose? 

student living in leeds

Leeds is Vibrant & Youthful.

Leeds has a lot to offer students. It's a bustling city that has a thriving independent food scene, a vibrant creative community and a renowned retail destination. Watch the full tour below and fall in love with Leeds.


If you’re not from Leeds and you need a place to live during your studies, there’s plenty of accommodation options available to you. 

Explore accommodation

 As a master student joining the RIASA programme, you may need accommodation close to campus. Leeds Beckett have a large offering of halls and residences within close proximity of where we train and play matches. 

Leeds is student central*

You can also decide to arrange your own accommodation during your studies with us in Leeds. A great place to start is Rightmove, which is the number one platform in the UK for finding rental accommodation for students and working professionals. 

*The location for RIASA may change from September 2023. In order to provide our students with the best possible state-of-the-art studying and football experience, we are seeking alternative location options, ideally in the same area as the current RIASA location in Leeds.  We will provide an update on the location as soon as possible.

uk soccer academy

Thrive in a Professional Environment. 

By choosing RIASA, you are joining a UK soccer academy that rivals any professional football club set up. We have access to state of the art pitches, we use FIFA standard equipment and you'll be able to track your progress with our digital tools that help you grow. 

Previous RIASA Master students 

Take a look at what previous master students have studied when they joined the RIASA postgraduate programme. 

Israel Kimu

Israel chose to study MA Sport Business and after graduating went on to work as a Business Development Office for an Insurance Startup in Nairobi Kenya.

Jordan Rouse

Jordan chose to join the RIASA postgraduate programme and studied MA Sport Business. After graduating from this major he went on to play professional football with one of RIASA’s partner clubs in Finland.

After playing in Finland, Jordan then went back home to the States to become Director of League Operations for LLC (USL).

James Voicey

James decided to join RIASA and study MS Sport Business. He is now Partnership Manager at Plymouth Argyle FC, who are in the Football league.

Chase Boone

Chase joined the RIASA postgraduate programme and chose to embark on studying a major in Master of Business Administration. After completing his Masters Degree he went on to play professional soccer in Denmark.

Chase is now a Business Developer at Bearfish in Oregon, back home in the States.

uefa A & pro licensed

Meet the coaching team.

Our academy has coaches who are at the top of their game. Experience, passion and dedication are what we live by. Combined across our coaching team we have over 150+ years experience within the game.

Fees Breakdown

You can find a clear breakdown of the costs involved. Don’t forget that some students may be entitled to scholarships and there is a variety of funding available for UK and International students.


Total Programme Cost

International Student

£19,000 - £22,000

UK Student

£12,500 - £23,000

When you join RIASA soccer academy you will benefit from working with similar minded students who are sharing the same passion.  Here’s the full list of what's included for the academy price fee:

  • Full Nike RIASA Academy Kit
  • Full Nike RIASA match-day day kit
  • Play for 9 months of the year
  • Train on average 4 times per week
  • Compete on average 2 times per week
  • Modern professional facilities 
  • Highly experienced coaching team
  • Experience new cultures 
  • FREE Pro trail included to Europe 
RIASA scholarships 

International students who choose to join the RIASA Postgraduate Programme are entitled to a £3,000 discounted scholarship of their Masters Degree.

Unfortunately we currently can’t offer this scholarship to UK students due to the price difference between the UK Master’s degree and the International Masters Degree.

Funding/academic loans are available to both UK & International students.

Funding Studies: UK Students

For UK students who want to study a Masters Degree with RIASA, they can use Student Finance England.  You will be allowed to use your loan to fund MA/MSC/MBA degrees and you can receive the maximum amount of £11,500.

Funding Studies: International Students

There is funding available for international students. Leeds Beckett have a dedicated page which has large amounts of information and resources about how funding works, especially for US students.  

Train, Work hard, Repeat.

High Intensity Training.  

We train on average four times per week, for at least two hours. We also regularly have other sessions in place that help you develop further. We take each  session seriously with a clear objective so that you understand the theory behind the activity.

How to Apply

Follow these simple steps to apply to join the RIASA Postgraduate Programme. Home in on your passion and advance your footballing development when you take the leap towards a more rewarding future with a Masters Degree and the experience of playing high intensity football at our soccer academy in Leeds.

The First Steps

You've researched our soccer programme which is based in Leeds, and you've also found out enough information about the postgraduate degree that you would like to study at Leeds Beckett University. 

It's Time to Apply

After the research, you can apply to join our postgraduate program by clicking here. Fill out the application accurately and we will be in touch within 24-48 hours.

You've been Accepted

Upon applying to RIASA, you will have submitted a highlight video. The RIASA coaching team will review this footage. From this you will be athletically accepted onto the programme.

Apply to Leeds Beckett*

Once we have accepted you onto our soccer programme you can then apply to Leeds Beckett University, who deal with the academic application. 

You're Nearly There

Congratulations on applying to join the RIASA Postgraduate Programme. Both applications have been sent and there may be a few details that need sorting along the way but don't worry, we are here to help you throughout the process.

See You Soon!

You can now look forward to joining a life-changing programme. Don’t forget to arrange your accommodation if it’s needed. A new city awaits as you embark on showcasing your footballing abilities on the RIASA Postgraduate Programme. 

Been there, Done that. 

RIASA Success Stories. 

Find out how our programme has helped previous students achieve their ambitions. It’s more than just ‘playing football’ here at RIASA as we look to help you embark on a once in a lifetime opportunity that helps you grow, learn and succeed. 

Still got questions?

We’re here to help and we want to guide you through your application. If you have any questions, or you want to know more about our unique football academy, then please contact us for more information.  

*The location for RIASA may change from September 2023. In order to provide our students with the best possible state-of-the-art studying and football experience, we are seeking alternative location options, ideally in the same area as the current RIASA location in Leeds.  We will provide an update on the location as soon as possible.

75+ nationalities

We are International.

Join an international football programme. No matter where you’re from in the world, if you meet the academic requirements and you want to improve your soccer, you can apply to join our ever growing roster of diverse students. 

Start Your Soccer Journey.

Embark on a rewarding and life changing soccer programme. 

  • Study Your Passion
  • Earn a Top Class Master's Degree
  • Play a 9-Month Soccer Season
  • Reach Your Potential in the UK