What is a college soccer ID camp? How can this help me?

Here is everything you need to know about college soccer camps, including information about RIASA ID camps. Attend our next soccer camp and find out why our soccer programme is perfect for you.

What is a soccer ID Camp?

College ID soccer camps provide aspiring college players a snapshot of collegiate soccer in a competitive and challenging environment. It’s a fantastic opportunity for soccer players to experience what life could be like at college or the soccer academy they are thinking of joining.

Here at RIASA we regularly host soccer ID Camps across the United States to bring our academy offering to you. If you are interested in our unique soccer programme but you want to see how our academy operates, meet the coaches and understand how we play, this is the best way to kickstart your academic and soccer journey with RIASA. 

Why Should I Attend a College ID Camp?

It’s a no-brainer when it comes to attending college ID camps. By attending any soccer college camp, you will be giving yourself the opportunity to experience the life of a college soccer student-athlete before committing to anything in full. For instance here at RIASA, we offer a superb soccer programme, however our style of play and intensity might not be for everyone. 

This is where that all important soccer camp plays a huge part, you can grasp what it’s like, you get to meet our ex-professional coaches and understand how we train, you will understand what’s expected of our academy players and how you can benefit from joining our unique programme. 

What is a RIASA ID Camp?

Find out what it’s really like attending a RIASA soccer camp. Watch the video, which gives detailed insight into what students can expect when we host soccer events across the United States. Our soccer camps are exciting and offer a fantastic chance for aspiring soccer players to experience professional standards within the game.

Las Vegas ID Camp Jan 2021

So now you know the important details about college iD camps, it’s time to think about booking onto our next event. We are heading to Las Vegas on saturday 2nd january 2021 and hosting our very own soccer ID camp at Faith Lutheran Middle School & High School.

Looking for more information about soccer ID camps? We have written the ultimate guide on finding the soccer camp for you, which includes advice about what happens when you attend. Read the full article here.


We have created a video which highlights the importance of attending soccer ID camps, this includes what happens at our very own RIASA soccer events. Take a look back at our 2019/20 Nike kit launch.

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