Go #BTS with RIASA Soccer Academy on DERBY DAY!

The RIASA derby is notoriously anticipated on campus and has been a special fixture over recent years. From 10 goal thrillers to well battled low scoring games, everything is on the line when you’re playing against your fellow team-mates. These derby fixtures are more than your standard ‘soccer match’ and they truly highlight what’s available at RIASA Soccer when you join our UK Soccer College programme.

Why does the RIASA Derby mean so much?

The emotion, the passion, the excitement and the focus comes together for one big night under the lights. The derby hype usually starts on the training field, where RIASA soccer players start to mentally get in each other’s heads by upping their training efforts and ‘bragging’ about how their team will take the win. 

Friendly, but highly competitive is the way we work. Every soccer player on our roster is pushing to break into the higher team, they’re trying to get off the bench or you could even say they are looking over their shoulders to remain in the starting XI.

What can RIASA soccer players take from derby fixtures?

Every game played allows players to individually grow and bond as a squad. The potential is uncapped. More minutes means better fitness, improved performances and gaining a competitive edge. The main aspect of playing in the derby that players will benefit from is the level of anticipation. You will need to be able to handle the pressures of being in the limelight and playing in the winning or losing squad.

One thing is for sure, and we know from recent years that derby fixtures are highly enjoyable and super competitive. If you’re looking for a college soccer programme in the UK and want to reach your maximum potential, then, RIASA is the perfect fit for you.

Offering Men’s undergraduate and Men’s Postgraduate soccer programmes as well as a brand-new Women’s Undergraduate Soccer programme, RIASA is the place to grow!

Check-out the BTS video from derby night which includes exclusive content from our coaches, inside the dressing room and all the goals. It’s something spectacular.