This Is What It Feels Like To Play UK College Soccer (GoPro Footage)

Ever wondered what it’s really like playing UK soccer at university or college? We wanted to share with you how our student-athletes feel every single day as they embark on developing their game in the UK at RIASA Soccer Academy.

If you’re weighing up your college options and you’re specifically thinking about how you can develop your game and break into the sporting industry, take a look at our two part teaser footage which we captured over one training session in May 2021.

Playing College Soccer at RIASA in the UK

We pulled out the trusty GoPro and strapped it to a select few of our current RIASA Soccer Academy players.

You know the drill, we managed to capture some unbelievable training footage which highlights how good our soccer programme is and how this can benefit you if you’re thinking of taking your soccer development to a whole new level by committing to playing overseas in the UK.

Capturing the footage was also quite fun for our student-athletes. We’d like to thank Cedrick Fenelon, John Goecke, Kamsi Madueke, Kenneth Chikan, Shane King and Immanuel Kinuthia for taking part in this project.

GoPro College Soccer Footage Teaser 1

Passing drills, mini matches and a whole load of competition. Every session you’re looking to improve from the last. As an aspiring footballer you want to always impress and try your best, but at times it’s not always that easy. You have good days, and bad days. That’s the beauty of a full time commitment to a college soccer programme like what RIASA offers in the UK.

You’ll train 4 days per week and compete against other pro academies at least twice a week. We play in different venues, at stadiums and travel the UK and Europe to offer you the best playing opportunities. How does that sound? Watch teaser 1 and see how RIASA can transform your soccer development.

Want to see more? We will be dropping teaser 2 tomorrow and the full video the day after. Stay tuned to see the full footage as you look to visualise what it feels like playing college soccer in the UK.

A Day In The Life of A UK College Soccer Student - Full Footage