Michal Korbel Joins RIASA Coaching Team In Goalkeeper Specific Role

We are delighted to announce that for the upcoming 2022/23 college soccer season we have appointed Michel Korbel as the new goalkeeper coach.

Michal has worked within professional football for over 10 years and played a crucial part in other football education programmes. With his experience from college, university, grassroots and the pro game across Europe, we are excited to see him develop our goalkeepers over the next 10 months. 

Technical development, player growth, understanding of the game and working hard in the classroom are all core values of Michal, and all these disciplines fit well with the code of conduct we expect of all RIASA student-athletes.

Speaking with Michal, it’s clear to see he has a strong passion for development and pushing the boundaries of player growth and we are excited to see his training sessions and how they will promote goalkeeper sharpness, focus and progression.

Michal is well qualified with his UEFA B and other goalkeeper qualifications, and even more interestingly he has worked across Europe developing goalkeepers who have gone on to make it pro within their respective clubs – this shows his experience and knowledge of player development which is vital at RIASA. 

We feel he will fit perfectly into RIASA’s coaching team and we know that our student-athletes will warm to his caring personality

The interview provides more details around Michal’s past experience and how he hopes to challenge our goalkeepers on a daily basis, watch below.

We look forward to welcoming Michal into the programme and we can’t wait to get started within the next couple of weeks.