RIASA Students – Challenge Yourself With Skillsdrills

Tackle the 'Wall Challenge' and compete against your fellow students.

We hope all of our current, previous and future student athletes are keeping fit and staying safe during these difficult times. Here at RIASA we are trying to keep busy, stay positive and focus on the little things that can help get us through hard times. That’s why we have teamed up with skillsdrills to offer a challenge to our soccer academy students.

Watch the below video, and read the further instructions on how you can take part!

Ex-professional Dean Windass takes on the wall challenege

Watched the video? Great! From a glance this challenge may look simple, but this is all about your level of control with the ball, you will also be competing to be the best and secure the fastest time against your fellow teammates.

Here’s what’s needed to participate:

  • Line marker (tape or caulk)
  • Football
  • Stopwatch (can use iPhone timer)
  • Another person filming – or use of video camera
  • Tape measure
  • Suitable wall

This is how you compete:

Start with the ball at your feet, behind the line. The Clock is started at the first kick and ends as the ball crosses the line on the tenth.

The aim is to pass the ball against the wall 10 times, each time the ball must come back over the 2 metre line.

If the ball does not come over the line you can either retrieve it with your feet, dribble back behind the line and continue, or pass it back against the wall but that kick will not count as one of the 10.

Fastest time wins and goes to the top of the leaderboard

We welcome all entries, this can be from our students who are currently studying and playing at our uk soccer academy, it can also be their parents, or anybody who comes across this challenge. (The more entries, the better!)

We just ask that you play fair and follow the rules. If you want to compete, you can send your time and video to mholland@riasasoccer.org and this will be added to the leaderboard. 

The leaderboard will be updated when new participants take on the challenge and you can see where you sit. 

We will also be sharing some of these videos across our social media channels, so give us a follow on instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Challenge accepted we think! Good luck.


The Leaderboard

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