“It was an absolute pleasure to come to RIASA” | Champions League winner, Ross Turnbull, Delivers a Goalkeeping Masterclass

We were thrilled to have ex-Chelsea goalkeeper and Champions League winner, Ross Turnbull with us last week to run an exclusive Goalkeeping masterclass with the current cohort of RIASA goalkeepers.

They started off the masterclass by going through some basic goalkeeping drills so that Ross could have an in-depth look at the individuals, and give them some advice on elements such as Hand Position, and Body Direction.


After some work on technique, the RIASA Goalkeepers moved into the goals to put into practice and work on these elements discussed as they put the science of goalkeeping into context.



This field session was closely followed by a tactical discussion in the classroom as Ross spoke to our students about the elements of game Management and how best to communicate as a Goalkeeper.

The session put on for the goalkeepers was based on general goalkeeping techniques. We then transferred the techniques into a match related exercise. I was very impressed with the goalkeepers’ basic techniques and most importantly, their attitude and willingness to learn.

After the session outside we went into the classroom for a group discussion on game management and match analysis. This I feel is just as important as the work we did on the training pitch.

Overall it was an absolute pleasure to come into RIASA.

– Ross Turnbull

“I found it really interesting to hear a different coaches’ viewpoint regarding the important factors as a goalkeeper, how, when and why to ‘manage’ a game and just a few tips to make things easier”.

Jeremy McManus (RIASA Sophomore)

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