“We are developing really well at a rapid rate” | RIASA A vs. Radcliffe Borough Match Report

First Half

In our attempt to build on the recent performances and current form we discussed trying to have a better start than last weeks game by playing on the front foot from the first whistle.

WOW what a start, apparently the quickest goal that RIASA has ever scored. I had 4 seconds on the clock.

A great precision pass from Trask Found Welch beyond the opposition back line who duly clipped the ball over the oncoming keeper, good finish. From then on, the game never really settled, both teams looked in a major rush to get the ball forward and beyond each back four.

Our shape suffered from this in the first 30 mins, even though the work rate and endeavour were plain to see from everyone, it looked like more of a derby game where losing was not an option for either team.

Radcliffe capitalized twice on delayed decision making to find themselves 1-2 up just before halftime, not really in the run of play, but we have not been in this position for quite a while now. (how do we react).

Cole heard took responsibility of drawing us level just before the half-time whistle, a driving run into the heart of the Radcliffe defence allowed a great give and go with Trask finding Heard 1v1 who scored slotting under the keeper into the far corner.

Even though the opening half was scrappy and rushed at times, we deserved to at-least come in all square at the halftime whistle. 2-2.


Second half

During the half-time period, lots of information was to be digested by all, if we are to take control of a game in which we were far superior in every department, we did, however, need to start controlling the game with and without the ball, just as we have shown in previous weeks.

Sam Byse had the task of dominating their best player and main threat in the first half, he did this with consummate precision, great performance. Our platform and shape was much better even though we were down to ten men, Trask and King began to pull the strings with the ball using the width to our advantage much more.

Bartlett Springer seemed to stifle every attack Radcliffe had with ease in a confident controlled manner, duly shadowed by Ramsey. (a leaders performance).

A few changes to freshen the forward line up gave us the impetus against a side who began to struggle with the pace and intensity of the game, our physical prowess was just too much for them, as it is with most teams we play now. Ben Rome our strength and conditioning coach has made an influential difference in this department. (another area we have improved enormously in).

The goal had been coming with half chances and a few poor decisions in front of goal.

This was until King Dispatched a half-volley into the top corner from 10 yards. Some good work from Bokum brought a save from the keeper, this turned into a block from the rebound, which fell to King, what a finish, 3-2.

Radcliffe were on the ropes in regards to fitness by this point, we controlled from here on in.

Chances came and went, Bokum could have had a hattrick on another day, he in turn duly put the game to bed capitalizing on a hesitation by the keeper, Bokum nipped in taking possession and slotting home into the empty net 4-2.

I must draw your attention to the atmosphere from our bench, every player was celebrating as if they had scored the goals in the second half, really pleasing to see, great team ethic and personality. The final whistle is blown. 4-2.

4 in 4, what a run these boys are on!

Patience, hard work and commitment to the cause have got us to where we are today. An enormous doth of the cap to these boys who continue to improve physically, mentally and tactically as the days and weeks progress, can’t wait for next season.

We are developing really well at a rapid rate, and adjusting to English football far quicker than we would have ever expected. When you keep confident and focus on our philosophy, luck changes very quickly.

Well done everyone, the family is progressing nicely. 

Rob Jones, Head Academy Coach

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  1. Jennifer Bryan says:

    Oh this was such a crazily intense game to watch!! Nonstop excitement!! Well deserved win!!

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