RIASA Academic Faculty

Dr Colin Howley,  Academic Director

With an interdisciplinary academic background in American literature and cultural studies, Dr Howley has taught a wide variety of courses at several British Universities including the University of Sheffield and John Moores University.

Dr Howley’s research interests focus upon the area of modern and contemporary cultural production – with a particular reference to sport, music, masculinities and racial identities. He has published articles on Spike Lee, John Edgar Wideman, and music culture. He is currently pursuing further research into sports literature and film, and the relationship between Modernism and contemporary African American fiction.

Dr Howley has presented research papers at national and international conferences including British Association of American Studies (BAAS) and the Sports Literature Association (SLA).

Recent Conference Papers:

  • Jun. 2012 Documentary, Ethnography and the Representation of Community in Soul in the Hole
  • Sports Literature Association annual conference, Springfield, MA.
  • Apr. 2009 Invisible Views’: Blackness, Urban Bodies and Community in John Edgar Wideman’s Two Cities: A Love Story
  • British Association for American Studies annual conference, Nottingham.
  • May. 2006 ‘“Reconsidering Muscular Assimilation”: Basketball, Race and Class in John Edgar Wideman’s Brothers and Keepers
  • International Sporting Cultures Conference, Liverpool.
  • Apr. 2004 ‘Writing Hoop Dreams: Basketball and the Quest for the American Dream’
  • British Association for American Studies annual conference, Manchester.
  • Jun. 2003 ‘“Ball and Chain”: The Basketball Court and the Trope of the Prison Yard In Contemporary African American Narratives’
  • Sports Literature Association annual conference, Springfield, MA.
  • Apr. 2002 ‘“In Your Face”: African American Culture and the Aesthetics of Basketball in Contemporary American Fiction’
  • British Association for American Studies annual conference, Oxford.

Dr. Samantha Bracey, Assistant Professor of Sports Management

Samantha is currently completing a PhD under the supervision of Professor Joan Duda and Dr Eleanor Quested at the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Birmingham. Samantha’s research interests are concerned with the well- and ill-being experiences of children with a particular focus on team sport engagement. Specifically, she is interested in developmental aspects of children and young people’s perceptions of well- and ill-being and the relationship with motivational processes and the social context. Samantha has also engaged in research projects in elite dance, physical activity and disability sport settings investigating associations of social-environmental and motivational processes with adaptive and health-conducive participation. 

Samantha has presented her research findings at national and international conferences. In 2010 Samantha was the recipient of the student poster presentation award at the biennial DSEP BPS conference. Samantha also contributes to the advancement of sports science by serving as a reviewer for international peer-reviewed academic journals. In 2011 Samantha co-organized a national conference focusing on child obesity and children’s healthy engagement in physical activity entitled ‘Healthier Physical Activity for Healthier Kids’.

Samantha has accrued 6 years’ experience of teaching in higher education and has a keen interest in continuing to develop her pedagogic skills and knowledge. In 2012 Samantha completed the postgraduate certificate in higher education at the University of Birmingham achieving the award for excellence and receiving the module prize. Samantha has been an associate of the Higher Education Academy since 2012.

Publications and Conference Presentations:

  • Wold, B., Duda, J.L., Balaguer, I., Smith, R., Ommundsen, Y., Hall, H.K., Samdal, O., Heuzé, J-P., Haug, E., Bracey, S.J., Castillo, I., Ramis, Y., Quested, E., Krommidas (2013).  Comparing self-reported leisure-time physical activity, subjective health and life satisfaction among youth football (soccer) players and adolescents in a reference sample. International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology.
  • Bracey, S.J., Quested, E. Duda, J.L. (2013, December). The conceptualization and assessment of children’s well- and ill-being. Paper presented at the British Psychological Society’s Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology biannual conference 16th – 17th December 2013, Manchester, UK.
  • Bracey, S.J., Quested, E., & Duda, J.L. (2011). Children’s conceptualisations of well- and ill-being: Summary of a qualitative inquiry and initial development of a multi-dimensional measure of children’s well- and ill-being. Sport & Exercise Psychology Review.
  • Bracey, S.J., Quested, E., & Duda, J.L. (2011, July). Development and initial validation of a psychometric measure of children’s well- and ill-being. Paper presented at 16th Annual Congress of the ECSS 6th – 9th July 2011, Liverpool, UK.
  • Bracey, S.J., Quested, E., & Duda, J.L. (2010, December). Children’s conceptualisations of well- and ill-being. Poster session presented at the British Psychological Society’s Division of Sport and Exercise Psychology biannual conference 8th – 9th December 2010, London, UK.

Dr. Lucia Morawska, Adjunct Assistant Professor of History

Educated in the UK and Poland, I specialise in Modern European History, Cultural History and Philosophy. I have recently completed a PhD in History. My PhD dissertation: : Lelov:  cultural memory and a Jewish town. Investigating the identity of an ultra-orthodox society  is planned to be published also as a non-academic work to become available to the wider public.
I also have a long-standing interest in the philosophy and critical thinking.
Previously, I researched in the Philosophy of Dialogue and Jewish Mysticism which resulted in my Masters Dissertation: Mystical and kabbalistic ideas in Martin Bubber’s Philosophy of Dialogue. Role of the Other and its linguistic creation. My BA degree has trained me to cover Social Sciences and Humanities and my subject specialism is History and History of Philosophy and Ethics with an elective in Cultural History. I have also studied Politics and Journalism in addition to these core subjects.

I taught at University of Huddersfield before coming to Richmond in 2010 to lecture in World Cultural History, Introduction to Philosophy and Gender and Culture at RIASA in Leeds. 

Professor Victoria Myers,  Adjunct Instructor in Sports Management

Currently in the process of completing a Doctorate at Leeds Beckett University, Victoria has a multidisciplinary academic and research philosophy, combining interests in Sports Consumer, Sports Sponsorship, Sports Law, Sports Marketing and Strategic Management. Victoria has a strong teaching profile previous experience involves course leadership at The Manchester College (accredited by Manchester Metropolitan University), delivering Foundation Degrees in Sport Management.

Victoria is an active researcher, her previous research and current projects include;

  • Assessing creative strategy within voluntary, public and private sports organisations
  • Critically analysing the ‘My Life’ project with Blackburn Rovers Football Club
  • Examining sponsorship decision making process within elite disability sport
  • Investigating the sponsorship process of Paralympic athletes and examining issues relating to media, barriers to securing sponsorship and athlete identity.

Her doctorate research combines the sport management and social science fields to create a unique cross disciplinary investigation between sport sponsorship and elite disability sport. 

Dr Ernest Kadembo, Adjunct Associate Professor of Business

Ernest is a distinguished academic at postgraduate and undergraduate levels with experience spanning across Africa and Europe. He is also a reputable management consultant with diverse interests and experience in Management, Quality, Leadership, Story Branding, Purchasing and Marketing. He has been an external examiner and council member for various professional institutions.

He has successfully handled more than 150 management consultancy assignments, and has published more than 15 journal articles. He has lectured in more than 20 institutions, and has  taken top leadership responsibility as Vice President of the Southern Africa Institute of

Marketing, Councillor of the Zimbabwe Institute of Purchasing and Supply and Acting Chairman of Business Studies at the University of Zimbabwe, member of the audit committee of the Oldham Council and Programme Leader at the Oldham Business Management School.

Emily Tebbs-Dube, Adjunct Associate Professor of Economics.

Professor Tebbs-Dube is a senior lecturer in Economics from Leeds Beckett University’s Business School. She has taught extensively in Africa, China and the U.S. her master’s is from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. She has worked with several African governments on poverty reduction, management and leadership programs. 

Emily has added a North American flavor to the program. Her life experiences and travel has made a connection to the students on the program who can relate to working and studying in a different cultural environment from which they grew up in.