18 Man Squad Named in RIASA Dream Team

If RIASA had a dream team, who from the last 10 years would be selected?

This is the question that Academy Director Mark Ellis has been asked to answer after the programme hits it’s 10th anniversary year.

These 18 student athletes have been chosen from all of the last ten year intakes and have been narrowed down by position, in a 4 3 3 formation.


Adam Szymaszek / Goalkeeper - RIASA Dream Team

Adam’s performance has been consistently good during his 3 years at RIASA and he has been invited to train at several pro clubs during that time including Birmingham City ,Blackpool ,and Bradford City. 

During Spring break he had yet another opportunity to trial at Kemi City in Finland, and more recently chose to sign for them.  So, hopefully in the not too distant future he will be playing first team football in Europe!


Jordan Rouse / Defender - RIASA Dream Team

Jordan went on to play for TP47 in Finland,  before landing a great job back in the States with the USL.

Jackson Patillo / Defender - RIASA Dream Team

Jackson, a native of St Louis went on to play amateur football in Spain before returning to the USA.

Eljah Thompson / Defender - RIASA Dream Team

Elijah recently trialled for Kemi City, Finland. He has been with RIASA for the past 3 years and graduates this year.

Ryan Jones / Defender - RIASA Dream Team

Ryan after completing his Masters degree, was another student athlete who had the opportunity to play in Finland, and made several first team appearances.


Paul Mcfarlane / Midfielder - RIASA Dream Team

Paul graduated from RIASA in 2019, and is just finishing his Masters in London.

Joey Spivack / Midfielder - RIASA Dream Team

Joey went on to play for 2 years at former Kemi Kings in Finland, and then at  Bolungarvík in Iceland. He now runs his own soccer school in the US.

Adam McCabe / Midfielder - RIASA Dream Team

Adam went for trials at Sporting Charleroi in Belgium.


Nahki Wells / Forward - RIASA Dream Team

Nahki left RIASA and went on to be the most successful player ever produced out of the programme. His previous clubs include Carlisle United, Bradford City, Huddersfield Town, Burnley, and QPR. He is currently continuing his football career at Bristol City. He has played in all 3 divisions in the EFL, and had a short spell in the Premiership with Burnley, as well as a cup final appearance with Bradford City. With transfer fees costing over 11 million pounds up to now it is safe to say that Nahki has made it as a professional soccer player.

Jon Lewis / Forward - RIASA Dream Team

Jon came to 2 RIASA ID camps in the USA and attended the RIASA Summer Retreat Tour representing RIASA in the Lancashire League before signing a 2 year contract with Bradford City. Although Jon did not remain at Bradford, on his return home to the US, he was drafted for NYC in the MLS and has represented his country, been picked for the squad in the US national team. He currently plays for Colorado Rapids in the MLS.

Christian Eissele / Forward - RIASA Dream Team

When Christian Left RIASA he went on to play in Finland in 3 different divisions gaining 2 promotions, before a brief spell in Sweden, and then back to Finland. Finally he returned to the USA where he currently plays with Oklahoma City Energy in the USL.


Dylan Stone – Midfielder

Brendon Roslund – Goalkeeper

Chase Boon – Forward

CJ Lyle / Forward - RIASA Dream Team
Jay Lee / Forward - RIASA Dream Team
Drake Trease / Forward - RIASA Dream Team
Angelo Calfo / Defensive Midfielder - RIASA Dream Team

Of these seven, Brendan and Chase moved on to play in Denmark. Jay Lee had a short contract in Finland, and Drake went for trials in Finland. CJ Lyle had trials in Belgium, and more recently Angelo had trials with FC Miami in the US.

RIASA Dream Team / 4-3-3 Formation