December 2015 Newsletter


RIASA Soccer Academy December Newsletter

Welcome to the December edition of the RIASA Soccer Academy Monthly Newsletter, keeping you up to date with all of the latest academy news, and highlights of games and what’s been happening this month

Attacking and playing through the midfield, RIASA showed good control with Mitchell Williams playing round the corner into Joseph Armaswalker who beat his man (1v1) to deliver an early cross into the box which was cleared away by Bradford College’s towering defender.
This became the standard as RIASA played some excellent football, with Antonio Calella also causing problems on the opposite flank……
Watch video highlights and player interviews with Ramsey Walker, Israel Kinyolo, Chuma Egbuna, Nick Kapp, Joey Armaswalker and Mitch Williams (pictured above)

Gerard Jones presented with a bottle of Moet from RIASA for passing his UEFA A License – Read More …….
Gerard has also achieved his FA Advanced Youth Award, a specialist award designed by The Football Association in line with the Premier League & Football League Elite Player Performance Plan to help develop master youth coaches who are able to work at the highest level with specific age phases: Foundation (5-11 years old), Youth Development (12-16 years old) and Professional Development (17-21+ years old). The FA Advanced Youth Award is equivalent to the UEFA “A” Licence for Youth, focusing specifically on how coaches develop a coaching and playing philosophy, and establish a coaching curriculum and model of work across all ages to develop skillful and creative footballers who can play at the highest levels of elite performance.

The award is for coaches who currently work or have aspirations to work with elite level or international youth players, with aspects of the course looking at how the top world-leading academies develop talent.

To pass the award, my team have been observed playing, I’ve been filmed on numerous occasions coaching RIASA players since 2014 to now and I’ve had to provide evidence for all the things I’ve introduced this year like ‘Individual Learning Plans, Formal Evaluations, Curriculum, Philosophy, Games Programme, etc etc’ and how I monitor and develop individuals within all this, along with evidence of their journey – so it’s more than just putting on a session, it’s literally been real-life applying daily skills.

RIASA Student Sport Psychology Poster Conference

RIASA Freshmen presented a Sport Psychology poster conference earlier this month.
The poster presentations are part of the midterm assessment for SPT 4200 Introduction to Sport Psychology.
This course introduced students to the relevance of psychological issues in sport and sports coaching.
Read More……………..

Students chose a sport psychology topic to research, and then delivered a presentation through the use of an academic poster format.

This poster conference served as an informal forum for the students to exchange their ideas concerning sport psychology, serving as a good opportunity to see what interests and inspires our student athletes.

To read more about Richmond University Course Specifications, log onto:

This spring will see RIASA take 2 squads across the North Sea, to play 3 football games against professional and semi-professional Norwegian football clubs.Departing from Liverpool on Friday 4th March, RIASA teams will fly over to Oslo, Norway for an intensive footballing weekend, based in Kristiansand, Norway.

RIASA will begin its football tour with the 1st team playing against FK Donn on Friday 4th March. Read more……………

RIASA Club and Player Statistics Season 2015/16

Top Goal scorers:
1. Donovan Price (16) (pictured above)
2. Christian McKeown (9)
3. Andrew White (7)
3. Michael Rincon (7)
3. Michael Brathwaite (7)

Top 3 Creaters of Goals:
1.Michael Rincon (7 Assts)
2.Chase Ealy (5 Assts)
2.Michael Brathwaite (5 Assts)
3. Andrew White (4 Assts)

1. Bo Day x 9
2. Chase Ealy x 2
2. Connor Kogge x 2

Academy Team Records
Current Lancashire League Standings:
Lancashire League South Division:
Bradford RIASA :
Played 7: Won:4, Draw:1, Lost:2
RIASA South :
Played 11: Won: 4, Draw: 0, Lost:7

Lancashire League East Division:
RIASA East :
Played 4: Won: 2, Draw: 0, Lost: 0

Team Win Statistics
(Cup & League Games)
1. RIASA South Won 8 / Played 15x (53% win)
2. Bradford RIASA Won 6x / Played 12x (50% win)
3. RIASA East Won 2x / Played 4x (50% win)

Other Match Statistics
Clean Sheets (Cup & League Games)
Bradford RIASA:
1. Witton Albion (H) (5-0)
2. Staylbridge (A) (7-0)
RIASA South:
1. Pontefract (A) (5-0)

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