“PARENTS SHOULD BE VERY PROUD” | A message to the parents of RIASA A

As this was RIASA A’s last game of the season and as you all follow twitter supporting each and every game the team plays, I feel a more unconventional match report is required as to encapsulate the season as a whole.

Here goes,

I think we would all agree it has been an eventful year for all involved in this team, lots of highs and, of course, lows.

It has been a great pleasure to watch this group of players grow in many ways from a technical, tactical, physical and psychological way. The first year is always difficult to mentally prepare for the rigours and strains English football puts upon these players. We expect as an academy to see a much more rapid rise in all the four corners we focus on in the second year.

These players have bucked that trend in a very positive and astounding way.

Midway through the season a decision was made to replace the current coach and move this group in another direction, I myself began to support in an interim period whilst looking for a solution moving forward. As you’re aware, my position became much more permanent than expected, I do have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this group grow and evolve from close quarters.

This is something that you as parents should (and I know you will) be very proud of.

Each and everyone of this squad, due to their relentless drive and pursuit to improve, have carried out the expectations and requirements thrust upon them.

We could talk about stand out players, but this academy is built on a family atmosphere, we all need each other in pursuit of our individual excellence.

I am sincerely and excitedly looking forward to the new academic year and the new season, working with players who are desperate to learn, improve, digest information and above all make a positive difference to their life. To see the student-athletes embrace their experiences of England is a joy for me, and a pleasure to be a part of.

This leaves me to say I hope your child enjoys his time back in the comfort of his family, rests, rejuvenates and returns with the same enthusiasm that he departed with.

I wish you all a very pleasant summer break.


But, as I have informed each and every player in the academy, next season will be an even bigger test and much more demanding for us all.

Those who stand still eventually are caught, those who keep moving forward leave the rest behind.

A pleasure as always,

Rob – Head Academy Coach

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One response to ““PARENTS SHOULD BE VERY PROUD” | A message to the parents of RIASA A”

  1. Kay Appling King says:

    Thank you for your example! I know Shane has learned tremendously from you this year. He has great respect.

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