Former RIASA Student Kyril Louis Dreyfus in Bid to Takeover Sunderland FC

Kyril Louis Dreyfus - Image Credit:

Another day and another former RIASA student hits the headlines with his bid to takeover League 1 club Sunderland FC.

At only 22, Kyril Louis Dreyfus, one of the three sons of the late business tycoon Robert, appears to be following in his fathers footsteps and his own passion for football with this pending acquisition.

Of-course Kyril is no stranger to football clubs as his family were the majority shareholders in Olympique de Marseilles from 1996 until it’s sale in 2016.

It was the year after this Kyril came to RIASA in 2017/18 and during that time his passion for the game was apparent. Kamran Stead, former RIASA Assistant Head Coach said

“Kyril was a good technical player and a very polite and intelligent young man. Unfortunately he was unlucky with injuries whilst at RIASA, but you could clearly see he had a competitive edge to him in a very positive manner and he had a good sense of humour both on and off the field”.

It would seem that football was always going to be a huge part of Kyrils’ life and RIASA are delighted to have been a small part of that.   

We wish him great success with his new venture and will be excited to see where he goes from here.

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Kyril Louis Dreyfus During his Time at RIASA - 2017/2018