The most successful RIASA cohort ever | Honors Night

RIASA students travelled to the university’s Richmond campus in London last weekend to celebrate their academic and leadership achievements on the programme with other members of the student community.

Dean’s List recipients from the RIASA programme included ten Freshmen, two Sophomore, two Junior and four Senior students – by far the most significant number of awards earned by students in the history of the RIASA programme.

The RIASA programme was delighted with the academic and leadership excellence of these students, and proud to witness the recognition of these achievements alongside other members of the student body.

Four additional awards at Honors Night were also attained by RIASA students, which are deserving of particular praise:

  • Christian McKeown (Senior) – Best Graduating Student Award, whilst
  • Christopher Allen (Senior) – Best in Major Award
  • Joseph DeMartino (Senior) and Jeremy McManus (Sophomore) – RIASA Student Leadership Award
Christian McKeown upon receipt of his Best Graduating Student Award
Jeremy McManus receiving his RIASA Student Leadership Award
“The Honors Night down in Richmond was a fantastic event! I truly enjoyed how the Richmond Campus included us throughout the awards ceremony to show us that we are not just the “soccer kids” from up in Leeds. They truly made us feel like we belong to the University as much as any other student.
The Richmond part of London is a beautiful area! It motivates me to achieve high marks again because I enjoyed the event so much that I really want to be able to attend next spring.”
Paul Ramsey, RIASA Freshman (New Jersey, USA)

We wish all our students the very best of luck for their upcoming final examinations and hope that their academic and leadership successes will continue throughout their time on the RIASA programme.

Congratulations to all!

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