Congratulations To Our Summer Graduates!

The academy staff would like to wish huge congratulations to Luigi Barbieri and Jordan Ellis who have graduated with a BA International Sports Management degree.

We know how hard you have worked to achieve this degree. Individually, we hope you have grown academically and through our soccer programme we hope you have been able to reach your maximum potential.

Well done to Jordan Ellis.

Congratulations to Luigi Barbieri.

We would like to mention a special congratulations to Luigi Barbieri, who has been awarded Latin Honors of “Summa Cum Laude” (“with Highest Praise”) an award usually reserved for the top 2-5% of graduating students!

Best of luck to Jordan and Luigi in the future.

What a journey it’s been, we have enjoyed watching you grow and turn into adults, and we want to wish you all the best in the future. You are always welcome at our academy and we can’t wait to see what your next chapter will be. 

The RIASA Team