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We’ve put together answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

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What Qualifications do I require?

You will need a GPA score of 2.6 or above or 96 UCAS points to join RIASA.

Does the University require SAT and ACT Scores?

No these are not required by the University.

Can I apply for a scholarship?

As RIASA is a partnership with Richmond, The American International University in London, we are unfortunately exempt from typical scholarship initiatives for International Students. UK students are entitled to the Chancellor's scholarship of £3087. Please enquire for more details.

How do I apply for a VISA?

Everything you need to know about applying for your VISA is available on the following link:

Apply for your VISA here.

How much does a VISA cost?

Your VISA will cost £348. This is a one off payment that provides you with a VISA that is valid for the full duration of your time whilst you study and play in the UK with RIASA.

Are there any other additional costs I need to pay?

You will need to pay your Immigration Health Surcharge. The cost of this surcharge is £470 per year and will give you access to the UK’s NHS system, including doctors, dentists and hospitals when you are in the UK. 

Do I need to have a TB Injection?

The following link lists all the countries from which students will require a TB injection before applying for your VISA.

Check if I need a TB injection

What's the accommodation like?

RIASA students live together on campus. The accommodation is perfect for student living and is seconds away from the training pitch (very handy).

You can find out more about the accommodation here.

How will a dual accredited US/UK degree help me?

It’s a great idea to bolster your CV and learn new experiences academically. By earning a dual accredited degree you will be opening the door to more international opportunities. 

I’m a mature student, can I still apply to join?

This simple answer is yes you can. We accept mature students on our undergraduate degree as long as you are athletically accepted and meet the university requirements. 

I’m a British student, can I join RIASA?

Yes. We are an international soccer academy. We have many British students currently on our programme. As long as you meet the academic requirements and you are athletically strong, you will be accepted on to the programme. 

How many times will I train in a normal week?

We train 4 times per week minimum. These training sessions last for 1:30-2 hours. Along with self training and game time, you will have the chance to play a lot of football when you join RIASA. 

What are showcase games?

We arrange ‘showcase games’ to compete against other professional academies to give you the opportunity to experience high performance competitive settings. In recent years we have played Blackburn Rovers, Middlesbrough FC and other elite academies in the UK. 

Do you play in local leagues?

Yes! We make sure that our academy offering is highly competitive, playing in local leagues and competing against local academies, so that you experience the pressure of being in a league and the importance of consistent performances.

What opportunities are available for me?

The opportunities are endless.  As well as earning a top class degree and playing  the game you love, you will experience new cultures and create friendships that will last a lifetime.  We endeavour to give you the broadest experience possible, which includes competitive games abroad. It's down to you to take the opportunity to the make the most out of these experiences. 

What’s campus life like?

Set in an idyllic 100 acres parkland, we are fortunate to have access to outstanding sporting facilities, stunning architecture and a well located campus. The RIASA football programme runs from Leeds Beckett Headingley Campus. Headingley, a north east suburb of Leeds, offers students a culturally diverse experience. 

I’m from Europe, can I join RIASA?

We are an international academy and our programme appeals to more than just US students. We accept students from all over the world. As long as you meet the academic requirements and you are athletically strong, you will be accepted on to the programme.

How will you athletically assess my soccer ability? 

You can either submit a highlight video on your academy application (we need a youtube url) or you can attend our next RIASA ID camp in the US or the UK.

What are RIASA ID camps?

RIASA regularly hosts soccer ID Camps across the United States and in the UK to bring our academy offering to you. Come to one of our ID camps, learn about our unique soccer programme, meet the coaches and find out how RIASA can help kickstart your academic and soccer journey.

I want to join, what are my funding options?

Funding options vary depending on the country you're from. To explain the different options available and to help you understand them, please contact us directly. You can email

I've submitted my application - what’s next?

Go to the pitch and practise your skills!

We will be in touch 24-48 hours after you have submitted your application, when we will let you know the next step to secure your place at RIASA. 

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