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European showcase events

We want to give you the best possible football experience. Every year, normally during spring break, the academy ventures on a pre-planned trip to Europe. These trips provide academy players with new experiences and opportunities to showcase their skills.

Europe is the hotspot 

 We have journeyed to many European countries including: Latvia, Slovenia, Finland, Scotland, Norway, Holland and Spain. RIASA also have a strong relationship with a football club in Finland which allows regular scheduled trips with competitive games  As well as allowing our student-athletes to experience soccer in a different environment, these trips also enable student-athletes to benefit from potential overseas opportunities. 

We’ve also competed in China

In 2019 RIASA were invited to compete in the International Junior Football Championship. This competition featured 16 university teams from across the world including the UK, Pakistan, South Korea, China and the Czech Republic. This gave our academy players a chance to play in a different country, see new cultures and travel the world.

How does all this help?

 When you choose our UK soccer programme, you train at a top level with highly qualified coaches. Our European showcase events will help you understand different styles of play as you compete in new countries, as well as helping you grow culturally. There’s more opportunity to grow on the pitch when you choose RIASA. 

75+ nationalities

We are International.

Join an international football programme. No matter where you’re from in the world, if you meet the academic requirements and you want to improve your soccer, you can apply to join our ever growing roster of diverse students. 

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