The RIASA Vision.

Everything We Stand For.

We want you to achieve your full potential. We live by these brand values and promise to deliver a life changing experience on our soccer programme.

We’re more than just a soccer academy that offers a degree.

The RIASA coaching team invest all their time and energy into the development of every single student-athlete. We care about you as an individual, we want you to succeed and excel on the pitch, as well as developing personally as you surround yourself in a new setting with us here in Leeds. 

You will grow academically

You’ll be taught a high class degree which is highly relatable to the sporting world. The degree will set you up for success as you earn a US/UK accredited academic qualification. 

You will improve on the pitch

You might see this as the most important aspect of your journey. With the intense training programme and dedicated coaches, you will strive towards your goals. 

Embrace a new world

Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. This will be your new home for 4 years*. It’s a home away from home. Learn new skills, try new food and feel empowered. 


The Original Soccer Programme.

RIASA was the first programme to arrive in the UK offering student-athletes the chance of playing high intensity football whilst studying for a top-class degree.

The RIASA Vision 

We know there are a variety of soccer academies offering programmes similar to RIASA, however,  our programme offers student-athletes a more intense and rewarding experience. 


“To Give Every Player Within the RIASA Football Programme the Opportunity to Play at their Highest Competitive Standard Based Around their Potential for Development”

Mark Ellis | RIASA Co Founder & Academy Director

The RIASA vision and brand values represent everything that we offer. We believe that if you join our soccer programme with the correct attitude and application, then you will be able to reach your maximum potential. 

You'll need to be determined to succeed and have a passion for pushing yourself. Whatever your future plans are, we are sure that after graduating from our soccer academy you will have grown, learnt and developed both on the pitch and academically. 

Undergraduate programme

Postgraduate programme

Academy life

*The location for RIASA may change from September 2023. In order to provide our students with the best possible state-of-the-art studying and football experience, we are seeking alternative location options, ideally in the same area as the current RIASA location in Leeds.  We will provide an update on the location as soon as possible.

75+ nationalities

We are International.

Join an international football programme. No matter where you’re from in the world, if you meet the academic requirements and you want to improve your soccer, you can apply to join our ever growing roster of diverse students. 

a place to grow

We Develop You. 

It’s intense at our football academy. Nothing worth having in life is easy and, with this in mind, each training session is fuelled with the intention of helping you to progress.


We Are Unique. 

There isn't another soccer academy that can offer the challenging football programme and high quality teaching that is available at RIASA. Earn a top class degree and enjoy moments that last a lifetime as you venture for success at our academy in Leeds.

Start Your Journey.

Embark on a rewarding and life changing soccer programme. 

  • Earn a US & a UK Degree
  • Play a 9-Month Soccer Season
  • Reach Your Potential in the UK