Development Model

The RIASA Teams and Pathways

RIASA directs five teams at varying levels providing opportunities for all academy students to play on a year round basis

  • RIASA Showcase Academy Team:  Pro academy teams across England and Scotland
  • RIASA  West Academy Team: Lancashire League West
  • Bradford RIASA Academy Team: Lancashire League East
  • RIASA  East Academy Team: Lancashire League East
  • RIASA  A Academy Team: Lancashire League East
  • RIASA Internationals (U19): Association of Colleges League

The RIASA Development Model

RIASA offers students the opportunity to play at several levels: from Development Academy, U21, Academy Level to Professional Academy Level.

There is a true pyramid system of development where students can move through the academy teams, and then into a showcase team.

Every March selected students can attend the RIASA exit trials in Scandinavia, providing the opportunity to RIASA players to showcase their talents.

RIASA Exit Trials Norway in March