RIASA Events Testimonials

Parent Dave Buckley, Arizona, San Antonio Event.
“I wanted to send you a quick note to thank you and the RIASA staff for putting together a very professional program this past weekend in San Antonio. The past 18 months I have accompanied Tyler as he traveled to different colleges who invited him to attend their ID camps. It is based on that set of experiences that I tell you I was clearly impressed by what I saw and how we were both treated the three days in San Antonio. The combination of the formal presentation and the one on one sessions made it very easy for me to decide if this program would be a good fit for Tyler.”

Also, the fact that Mark Ellis flew over to watch the boys and interact with the boys was both impressive and important. I know if gave Tyler a sense of what to expect from the coaching staff and hear first hand the system of play Mark uses at the Academy.”

Chris Allen, Student Kansas, Orlando Event.
“I was extremely impressed with the fluidity of how the camp was run and cannot wait to be a part of an institute that provides students with football AND educational opportunities. I have discussed the opportunity with my parents and we are very excited about moving forward from here and have agreed that this is a chance that cannot be passed.

CJ Campbell Student Florida, Orlando Event.
“I came out of that camp with another level of confidence and a resurrected love for the game and the way it should be played. The drills (Ajax themed)  carried out were similar to stuff I’ve been practicing at my club but the different ideas, techniques, and style of thinking associated with the drills you conducted really opened my eyes to another view of football. I’m a lover of playing quality football but the emphasis that this camp placed on quality ball movement and decision making really caught my attention.”

Eyob Ford, Student NYC, San Antonio Event.
“The RIASA showcase felt like being a professional soccer player for a whole weekend. The RIASA staff helped me on and off the field.  The coaches were amazing and taught me a lot in a short period of time.  RIASA staff gave me a lot of knowledge about the program and I got taught by some former professional players.  I would recommend this showcase opportunity to anyone who wants to take their game to the next level.

Pamela Beard, New Jersey, Parent Orlando Event.
“I personally want to thank you for such an informative weekend. Danny had an amazing experience and really enjoyed playing with the other boys. I know you wanted us to provide you the “pro’s and con’s” of the weekend, but quite frankly I can’t think of any negative’s….It was a very positive experience for both Danny and myself.”

“We have attended many College ID Camps in the past and always walked away feeling neglected. We did not feel this way this past weekend. We felt very comfortable and welcomed from the minute we walked into the hotel.”

Jerico Marion Lumanlan, Vancouver, Canada, Long Island, Event
“The Experience RIASA event held at Long Island, New York was more than I expected. I was flying in from Vancouver, BC just for this program and it proved to be worth every minute. The training was quality and the advice and tips were very much useful.”

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