RIASA is the Most prestigious and unique Collegiate Soccer Academy in the world and with our academies based in Leeds, England and London, England it’s a fantastic soccer and life opportunity to experience a new country and culture if you aren’t from the UK.

One of the first steps of being accepted as a RIASA player, we need to see you play.

This is why we have Player ID Camps and RIASA ‘on the Road’ events.

Please see below the scheduled events and how to sign up for them.

Who Should Attend?

  • RIASA is seeking talented players at the US National Academy level, OPD State and Regional Level or playing for a top Premier Soccer club.
  • RIASA understands that clubs may restrict National Academy players attending these events. However, as we are a University program you should be able to get permission to attend and play over the course of the weekend, as you are a prospective University student.
  • Students looking to try something different with their life path. Trying College Soccer in another country not only gives you 10 month seasons, but whole new life/soccer experiences and opportunities.

RIASA on the Road - Event Dates and Locations 2017-18

RIASA on the Road – Events Schedule 2017-18


16-17 Dec 2017: Las Vegas, NV, USA – RIASA ‘On the Road’ CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

3-4 Jan 2018: Bradenton, FL, USA – RIASA ‘On the Road’ CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

7th – 15th July 2018: Bradford, UK – RIASA Summer Event CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


Partner Events (Where you are able to be assessed by RIASA staff)

8 Dec 2017: Naples, FL, UK – SRUSA College ID Camp CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

9-10 Dec 2017: Naples, FL, UK – SRUSA Showcase Tournament REGISTER YOUR TEAM


If you have any questions regarding any of these events, please feel free to contact us


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