Application for RIASA Undergraduate Admission

As RIASA is a highly selective program places are limited for the academy. It is not a rolling admission process.You are strongly advised to have your application completed early. Once the incoming class enrollment is met applicants are put on a rolling wait list.

The application process is twofold:

1. Academic Application

Make sure you search:  Richmond, The American International University in London as the University you are applying too.


2. Soccer Application

We have SIX pathways to football acceptance:

1. Attend one of the ‘Experience RIASA’ Prospects Events

2. Have attended the RIASA summer Experience in England

3. Visit the campus in Leeds, England for training and evaluation  (available between Sept and April prior booking required)

4. Be seen by a scout at a tournament/game (acceptable but least preferred)

5. Video footage of a recent game

6. Coach’s Recommendation along with Soccer Resume.

We require two of the above criteria. Our preference is ANY of  1), 2), and 3).

If you have any questions about the admission process please email:



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