Student Affairs

Dr Paul Lloyd - Director of Academic and Student Affairs

Dr. Paul Lloyd, oversees the social welfare and pastoral care of students, along with Dr. Colin Holwey have regular office hours and are available for students to meet should they need to. Private appointments are also available with our academic staff if and when requested.

In Addition, Dawn Craven, manager of football operations, works closely with the student affairs office to ensure the total welfare both in the classroom and on the field are catered for. Dawn works closely with Dr. Samantha Bracey, Assistant Professor of Sports Management, in order to ensure the integration of academic, social and athletic needs of students.

Our Mission

The role of Student Affairs in fulfilling the University’s mission is to advocate for students to ensure that they are the main focus in all decisions and actions central to the overall development of the student learning experience. We aim to accomplish this in partnership with Academic Affairs by offering programs and services which positively impact learning as well as the total student life experience. Our goal is to help develop leadership skills that will enable students to excel in a global environment and to foster appreciation, sensitivity and respect for ethnic diversity and tolerance for cultural and individual differences.

Department of Student Affairs

Contact Dr. Paul Lloyd, Director Academic and Student Affairs, RIASA.

The Department of Student Affairs assists students and faculty in achieving their educational goals both in and outside the classroom. Our main objectives are providing services that support and encourage student welfare, safety and development. Some of our main service areas include:

  • Campus-wide events including Orientation, Honors Night, Graduation and more
  • Immigration and visa information once you are in the UK
  • Residence Life (Accommodation)
  • Student Activities including clubs and societies, trips and sporting opportunities
  • Issuing official University letters for many purposes including visas, council tax exemption and reference letters
  • Physical and Mental health services
  • Welfare support
  • Career development and guidance for life after graduation
  • Guidelines for the Student Conduct Code

We can assist with general problem solving for any questions associated with student life in general.


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